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Who we are?

Transmedialist was founded as the independent publishing house and transmedia production company in August 2016. We focus on a development of the new projects in the transmedia context. Our first project was comics adaptation of poems collection Bouquet from K. J. Erben. We developed the pitch bible, scripts, supervised the ilustrators, produced and published the publication.​

We do not produce and develop own projects only. We can tell stories on various media platforms, publish publications with transmedia overlaps and work on transmedia communication strategies for our business partners.

We offer

We specialize in creative and strategy development of multimedia projects. Our aim is to maximize the utilization of the narrative potential by transmedia strategies.

Cooperation posibilities:

  • Creative development of TV shows, films, books and multimedia projects.

  • Tax incentives (Film and TV production).

  • Grant applications.

  • Publishing house.

  • Securing partners for TV and film projects.

  • Development and production of transmedia communication strategies and extensions.

  • Courses and workshops about transmedia storytelling and media trends

  • Development and production of the educational projects with transmedia overlap.

Contact us directly

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